Aramaic hip-hop, Kabbalistic rap: just two soubriquets that attempt to describe Victoria Hanna’s latest development of her work. Hanna is a ‘voice artist’ using ancient Hebrew texts, prayers and spirituals within a modern context and exploring the mystical nature of language and the sounds which form it, a path which stems from her ultra-orthodox upbringing in Jerusalem and her childhood struggle with an incapacitating stutter. She has studied vocal techniques in Japan, India and Mongolia, performed and lectured worldwide and worked with fellow voice experimentalists Mariana Sadowska and Bobby McFerrin, but it was the mesmerising and rapidly viral video clip for her ‘Aleph-bet Song’ that brought her wider attention . A collaboration with Balkan Beat Box producer Tamir Muskat, it spawned her first album, a subtly subversive investigation of the sacred word and the mystery of the self.

On stage, Victoria Hanna is a cosmopolitan, multi-faceted artist. She chews letters, swallows syllables, pummels words and letters, stretching and kneading them, spitting them out, screaming them aloud, singing them. She leaps, captivates, enchants. She is tempestuous, vulnerable, beautiful, sensual, shy, childlike, calm, helpless, seductive, playful, womanly – all in one. . In her live performances, Victoria Hanna is accompanied by electric oud, accordion, percussion, keyboard and saxophone. She also performs solo and in a duo as well as holding workshops and giving talks.

The power of language is immeasurable. It guides our thoughts, perceptions and emotions. Its precious instrument is the voice, through whose power and vocal intensity it comes to full fruition. Combining these aspects is a high art that few can accomplish.

Victoria Hanna is truly a phenomenon. The Israeli artist has set herself the aim of creating an integral artwork of language, voice and music. And she has achieved that to a most astonishing degree. Victoria Hanna moves between ancient music and contemporary beats, between philosophical and religious texts. Her compositions are shaped by diverse vocal techniques, both sung and spoken. She explores the boundaries of the human voice, plays with letters, recites the Aleph-Bet – in captivating leaps and bounds.
August 2018 is the international release date for Victoria Hanna’s debut album with Greedy for Best Music. It features ten of her own original songs, tracing an arc from pop to hip-hip to Israeli music, exquisitely combining the ancient, the traditional and the modern. In her songs and compelling videos, her image and design, Hanna creates a unique and distinctive world that is entirely her own.

44 Grand' Rue
BP 34
Tél. +33 (0)5 49 59 10 10

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