TRINIDAD / CANADA, 7 musicians
First french tour

Founded by Toronto-based Trinidadian songwriter Drew Gonsalves, Kobo
Town is named after the historic neighbourhood in Port-of-Spain where
calypso was born. Gonsalves is a true contemporary calypsonian,
honouring the rich lyrical tradition and compelling rhythms of
calypso's formative heyday the age of the Roaring Lion, Mighty Spoiler,
Lord Invader, King Radio and Attila the Hun while tackling current
concerns, inspired by roots reggae and dub poetry. Ruminations on
domestic violence, the war on Iraq, the paradoxes of globalisation, the
ongoing state of Caribbean dependency and other themes mingle with
traditionally tall stories of a cast of colourful characters, served up
with a dance-inducing mix of kaiso, reggae, dub, ska and more which has
been livelying up crowds across Canada, the USA and Europe. Fun and