Marseille, France

Young living icons of an Occitan culture which fiercely defends its modernity, these singers project a lively and rejuvenated image of Provence with their traditional and popular songs. Lo Còr de la Plana offers an interpretation of the Occitan repertoire based on fury, fever, and the desire to challenge the notion of vocal music.
The vocals of Lo Còr de la Plana are sharp and rough, with an arid beauty. You enter into the dance and end up dumbfounded before all that controlled energy, power, sense of rhythm. That dissonance, leading to a remarkable harmony of fragility and sensitivity. Olivier Jourdan-Roulot
« The most striking group at Globalfest 2008 (...) was the one that traveled lightest: Lo Còr de la Plana, from Marseilles, France. It was six male singers, four of whom also played hand drums and tambourine. They sang in a disappearing language, Occitan, and in an old style that once was church music. (...) And with just those voices and percussion, they did remarkable things. They sang rich chordal harmonies and joyfully ricocheting counterpoint. There were drones and dissonances akin to Eastern European music, sustained solo vocal lines related to Arabic music and Gregorian chant, and percussive call-and-response hinting at Africa — all the connections of a Mediterranean hub. The music was equally robust and intricate, a local sound ready for export. »Jon Pareles

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