“Why not give yourself a break from the unending cavalcade of modern high-speed insanity, and rest up with this album of deep soul from Southern Albania.”
– Ry Cooder

These performers are following in the footsteps of the great masters that have preceded them, while the careful and thorough production and wonderful sound quality allow us to experience recorded Saze as never before.”
– Vasil S. Tole

“We set out to record these virtuoso singers and musicians like a Blue Note jazz session or a Deutsche Grammophon string quartet. Saze is, after all, a classical form, its essential elements unaltered over the decades. With its ancient roots, the intensity of this world-class music has the power to entrance any listener.”
– Joe Boyd

“At Least Wave Your Handkerchief At Me” was recorded in the last three days of October 2016 at the Marubi Film Academy in Tirana. Joe Boyd’s long-time colleague and friend, the Grammy-winning engineer Jerry Boys, converted the school’s screening room into a warm, bright studio. Everything was done live, with no overdubs.

“Recording Saz’iso was a wonderful experience, especially as the musicians were so obviously thrilled to be part of the project. They are all brilliant performers and we rarely needed more than two takes to get a master.”
– Jerry Boys

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